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You are about to read an amazing true story as well as the facts discovered by research Drs. of how to solve the congested heart problem and reduce the risk of heart attack by as much as 90% as it has done for the author and others displayed in the Testimonials. As the author did, you too can do this at a cost of about $7.50/month for six months at a total of about $50 total with no prescription drugs, no diet, no exercise and no surgery.  Unfortunately it is impossible to distribute this information without your help and we must ask you to help others with the our distribution costs by joining our effort with a $9.95 donation.  95% of the distribution costs are allocated to advertising costs.  If you join our effort everything you will read about curing our nations number one killer, congested heart disease,  was learned by reading Dr's. medical research reports located at the bottom of each of the five topic pages.. If you are approaching 40 years of age or past that age you could be well on your way to a heart attack but,  there is now a simple cure discovered by research Drs. A simple test composed of an at home facial glance will identify heart trouble.  No adverse reactions have been found in any Dr's. research regarding the substance recommended.  In fact, Dr's. research as you will read,  all point to the wide range of advantages of its use.  The reason for no reactions is that the recommended compound is found in many of the foods in an American diet. The cure is a naturally occurring substance thus, is not patentable.  Drug companies deplore this for obvious reasons.  Sound to good to be true, I thought so too until the medical research led me to the real cause and  cure and  I had the x-ray you will see that demonstrated two 75% blockages had been removed. As said before, you also will be able to read the same medical research reports which led to this report. The solution also reduced  my  cholesterol problem, not by reducing the cholesterol but, by clearing the heart passage ways. The calcification of the heart is the same calcification that occurs in the prostate of men resulting in the enlargement of the prostate.  The elimination of the calcium in the heart reduces the likelihood  of  cholesterol getting congested in the plaque laden heart vessels which can result in a heart attack. The elimination of calcium in a swollen prostate gland solves the nightly trips to the bathroom for men.  The solution removes the cause of the calcification where ever it occurs, including, but not limited to, the heart, aorta arch, and prostate.

Our Purpose
Relax, this is no hype, and there is no product sales or connection to those who sell.  No attempt will be made to sell you a product.  The purpose of this website is to give you information. You will discover facts which can save your life and enable you to determine with a simple glance if you have a heart problem. You will read medical research which indicates a high probability of heart disease when you identify the sign from a simple look in the mirror.   If you have already been diagnosed with or without heart problems the simple test is useful. Many who have had calcium scoring are told they have no problem yet, they do have a problem. Bill Clinton had the best health care in the world and was diagnosed as Ok, Ok, Ok for eight straight years in a row and all of a sudden, quadruple bypass surgery.  This says the best medical care in the world does identify heart trouble until it is a critical problem, even though it takes years to develop.  This is hard to believe.  How did Clinton, also my general practitioner personal physician and my neighbor, who were all  told, after medical check-ups, they were fine, suddenly there after  wind up with bypass surgery 

Avoid Heart Surgery
If you are like 98% of those who have high cholesterol and do not know the information to research you will most likely never discover the truth and needlessly suffer angioplasty, stent implant or even worse, bypass surgery,  not to mention taking satin drugs for high cholesterol for years and worry everyday about what you eat.  Had I known the facts six months before the angioplasty and stent implant in my widow maker vessel,  I could have avoided the entire ordeal for about $7.50 per month a month for six months, or about $50.  By reading this entire report  in about 15 minutes you will eliminate 30 to 40 hours of research on the internet if you know what you are looking for and know how to do good medical internet research.

What Is In It For Us
Our goal is to make this easy for you to grasp and to save you a lot of research work while directing you to the Dr's. proofs you need to make decisions about my experience and others who have followed.. Since we sell no products we must collect something to cover our advertising costs.  We will ask you to support this effort with a $9.95 donation, about the price of a small Mom and Pop  pizza,  Your donation will  go toward the costs of preserving this site and advertising, .  This can be done through credit card with PayPal or your  PayPal account.. If you follow the test, proof and cure you could save thousands in medical bills and maybe even your life.  For 80% of those with unchecked heart blockages of 90 in the widow maker vessel as I had,  the first symptom is death.  We hear about young men and women dropping out everyday, not overweight, not smoker's, just healthy looking people. If you do not want to believe this that is ok but, I will ask you to read My Story.  You will then have enough information to know the problems we face to get a clear picture of the number one killer in this nation. It costs nothing to read My Story..  But you must join to receive all the medical studies and Dr's. evidence plus save a lot of work 

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The Proof & Product
By reading this report you will discover information on the proof, the cause of heart disease, the product and where to purchase it at the most reliable place we have discovered. The medical profession has no interest in you having the information contained in this story as is evidenced by the government hearing you will read which clearly demonstrates the medical community's self- interest.

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