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Compare Your Ears To The Pictures Below-If Crease Found Don't Panic-The Full Report Will Show You How To Clear Up Heart Disease With No Diet, Exercise, Prescriptions or Surgery Even If Surgery Is As Close As Six Months Away According To Your Dr..  Remember, The American Medical System Is Set Up To Discover Heart Disease After Surgery Is The Only Option.

80 Year Old Male No Crease

No Heart Trouble

             77 Yr. Old Female 

     Heart Disease Was Present 

               57 Yr. Old Male 

  Heart Disease Required 


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The Test And Studies
It is simple to determine if a person has a heart problem.  The Dr's. Research reports below verify this.  The ear lobe reveals the truth.  The coronary crease is defined as a crease in the ear lobe.  A healthy heart has an ear lobe with no crease and is puffy, as the first picture.  A slight crease could be the beginning of a problem.  Some will find two  or three creases in the lobe as the last picture.   


It is important to note that on many occasions in the past I have witnessed no crease in some who actually did, by there on testimony, have heart disease and had been treated for the same with surgery.  These subjects had a very short distance between the bottom of the ear and the bottom of the lobe.  A sharp upward trend at the bottom of the ear yielded a small and narrow ear lobe. Most of these were of a lean statue.

Pictures Of  Ear Lobe Crease - Coronary Crease
Below are pictures of ear lobes and at the bottom of the page you will find links to Drs. studies which support  the reliability of the ear lobe sign.  There is a real effort to discredit any attempt to publicize or support the real cause of heart problems or discover an early warning sign.  Most people do not discover heart disease until surgery is the only option, even if a cure is possible with no diet, no excise, no prescriptions and no surgery.  There is obviously a great deal of money at stake if my experience is duplicated in you if you follow a similar medical discovery..  

Drs. Research Reports


http://myheart.net/articles/earlobe-crease-and-heart-disease-fact-or-myth/  This study clearly identifies the cholesterol myth. However, at the end of this article the Dr. suggests diet, exercise, and low cholesterol.  For 20 years I ran 4 to 7 miles five days a week and was a vegetarian for 8 years.  So why did I have the need for a stent.  I did the tread mill test every morning while running.  But, the first symptom came after 20 years of running when surgery was the only option.  The full report with provide the Dr's research which outlines the real and concealed cause of heart disease and the simple cure.

The Proof Continue on to the EBCT X-ray which clearly demonstrated my blockage reduction six years later and its movement from a 95% blockage to a 10% blockage.