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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Why do you believe the cure you discovered from Medical Research cleaned your blockage?
Since nothing else was done that purports to be a blockage cleaner I have no other element to point to.  The only change that occurred was that I did start taking Vitamin E and C in addition to a multiple vitamin and an 81 mg aspirin at the suggestion of my  Doctor. The EBCT X-ray clearly revealed the cleaning result.

2.  What do you think caused your calcium blockage?
Because of the exposure of every US citizen to certain elements it is my belief this is a major part of the source of the problem as revealed in the  medical research.  Secondly, living in Los Angeles for over a decade and being a heavy runner probably resulted in a large amount of the substances revealed in the medical research being taken in from the air.  There is no history of heart failure in my immediate family history.

3.  Do you have any evidence the cure discovered from medical research had cleared a major part of the blockage in the first six months?
At the end of six months a large calcium deposit at the base of the middle finger on the palm side disappeared completely and has not reappeared.  Secondly the two trips per night to urinate ended so it definitely reduced the prostate..  The same calcium which builds in the heart also builds in the channel from the bladder which becomes restricted in size by an enlarged prostate.

4.  Why do you charge for the information on the website?
     This is done to cover the costs of hosting, programming, and maintaining the website however the largest part of the expense is the advertising cost to attract readers to the truth of the matter..  Since we do not wish to sell products and be in the shipping business we choose to cover the lions share of the expense and various activities through a simple one time minimum charge. Advertising accounts for 98% of the expenses. We know how well hidden the information is from the public and how much research it required to discover.  There is so little cost to cleanse the heart of plaque the neither the medical or pharmaceutical companies are interested if dispensing this interest.

5.  Why do you think the high cholesterol levels (300) you now have are not a problem?
    The cholesterol count is made up  primarily of animal not vegetable fats.  Normally I eat very few carbohydrates and thus avoid the vegetable fats which most carbohydrates are prepared with. Secondly, the vessel is clear of the 95% blockage rendering the channel clear and not as subject to the constricted flow and clotting problem.

6.  Have you taken any supplements since the implant in 1996?
Yes, at the time I began taking the supplement I began the daily administration of 400 ius Vitamin E, 500 Mg Vitamin C, 81mg Aspirin, 500 Mg coral calcium and a medium strength multivitamin.  I only took the aspirin for a short period of time and continue to take the amino acid.

7.  Do you think the running for 20 years helped or hurt your condition?
According to my Doctor the running saved my life.  He indicated the heart had built circumventing vessels around the blockage because I had been putting my heart under stress every day for so many years.  This is the same condition David Letterman and Jim Fixx benefited from.  Unfortunately Jim Fixx's first symptom was a heart attack. James Fuller "Jim" Fixx (April 23, 1932 July 20, 1984) was an American who wrote the 1977 best-selling book The Complete Book of Running. He is credited with helping start America's fitness revolution, popularizing the sport of running and demonstrating the health benefits of regular jogging.  He died of a heart attack.

8.  Have you had others confirm your experience?
Yes, read the testimonials at testimonials.htm  

9.  Do you have high blood pressure?
Yes, it runs about 145/85 without medication so I take a mild blood pressure medication. 

10.  Must my physician refer me to the X-ray test?
They may vary.  The service I used  did not require a referring physician.  The x-ray is a moving x-ray with about 40 frames and you can see the heart actually expanding and contracting from large to small.  Simply advise the service to mail the results, x-ray and write up  to your home.  If you have your Doctor do this it will add to the cost and you probably will not get the results and other material to study.  The EBCT x-ray was available to me in Atlanta at a cost today of about $700. It is not covered by medical insurance and in the full report you x-rays are discussed in depth.  They are not all equal.

11.  Has your family Doctor advised you or discussed your experience with your success?
Over time three out of four family Doctors  have shown no interest in the x-ray or cure discovered by research Drs. and have only insisted I take one of the $100.00 per month cholesterol reducing drugs. The one who showed interest you will read about in the full report.  He was given a clean bill of health at check-up and then required bypass surgery within four months.

12.  Will this affect the calcium levels I currently have since most Americans are low on calcium. 
       Most Americans are low on calcium however, eliminating the build up in the heart is totally unrelated to the calcium count in the body.  Every cell in the body secretes calcium as its waste product except brain cells.  Most Americans need to take calcium supplements to prevent osteoporosis.  This is in no way related to or does it affect the necessary calcium levels of the body.  

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