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My Personal Story
Not unlike many there was never a recognizable symptom of heart disease present so there must be no problem.  In 1996, at age 50 and after 20 years of daily running, a sever chest pain while doing my normal morning run changed everything. Twenty years of running 4-7 miles a day and 8 years a vegetarian had not prevented heart disease,  So it was concluded no symptoms, no problem.  Suddenly angina introduced the Dr. into the picture.   If only the information you are about to learn regarding the real cause of calcium build-up, cholesterol and heart disease detection by looking into the mirror had been readily available as is presented here, my stent implant would have never occurred. Should you choose to help distribute this valuable information you will read the evidence from multiple medical  studies addressing cause of heart disease, and how to detect it at home. You will also learn how to clean out the plaque causing the cholesterol problem as the author has done. Additionally, you will discover how the author accomplished this without diet, exercise, surgery,  or prescriptions.   Finally, you will also read about how the prostate problem causing frequent trips to the restroom was terminated with the same over-the-counter supplement resulting in a total cost of about $50.00. Be sure to read the testimonials of others following the same supplement treatment.

The Diagnosis
Heart Disease is the number one killer in the United States often killing with no symptoms. When I experienced angina while doing my morning run the Dr. was on the agenda.  The cardiologist administered a treadmill and x-ray and advised this patient was not leaving the hospital because of  a 90% blockage in the drop or widow maker heart vessel.  In addition it was discovered there were two additional 75% blockages which would require stents in approximately two years.

Next morning, the Doctor did an angioplasty and inserted a stent.  After doing much heart research on the problem in this country, embarking on a possible cure became a worth while option. Since the possible cure for the two remaining blockages seemed reasonable, following through with the remedy discovered by medical research professionals was the only option to more surgery.  The option, known by few and broadcast by no pharmaceuticals or Drs. was cost effective if it was a true cure. Only  $7.50 a month was more than reasonable given the $40,000 angioplasty cost, There was nothing to lose . Having cholesterol at 240 and never having been diagnosed with heart trouble lead to a strong desire to determine how to detect trouble and cure it rather than treat heart trouble and cholesterol. Unfortunately approximately 25K miles of running and vegetarianism for 8 years had not done the trick diet and exercise was supposed to do for Americans. 

Six Months Later
Six months later, after treating myself as you are about to learn about, there was no tightness in the chest, and two other signs that the blockages were gone appeared. The first sign  was at the base of the middle finger.  For three years a large calcium deposit, so sensitive to touch that I could not place the hand on top of the steering wheel of the car to drive, disappeared.  It disappeared in the six month period and has not returned. Secondly, I had been awaking at least two times per night to visit the bathroom. Pressure from the enlarged prostate gland caused by a build up of the same calcium in the heart results in  the bladder being unable to void completely thus, men must go often. By the end of six months there was no longer the night problem.

The major blockage problem is arteriosclerosis, or calcium buildup,  which closes the vessel as an hour glass and results in a really big problem with cholesterol.  In the restricted condition the vessel, closed off by the calcium buildup, can form a blockage preventing the blood from flowing.  This then starves the heart of oxygen and the result is a heart attack or angina..  Cholesterol reducing drug commercials say if you have heart disease and high cholesterol you need our prescriptions.  Why treat this problem when you can cure it.

The heart disease is the problem. Calcium buildup closes the vessel off and renders the heart susceptible to damage by cholesterol blocking the flow of blood since the channel is in such a restricted condition. For the last 20 years cholesterol readings have been between 240 and 300 and  no prescription drugs for cholesterol is needed and eggs are in the morning diet. As a result of the heart cure discovered from medical research records a single 10% blockage rather than a 75% blockage remained because the real problem, calcium buildup, was eliminated in six months, This  for only $7.50 per month for six months.  You will see the x-ray of the heart which identifies the 10% blockage should you join the effort to distribute this information.

Six Years Later
Six years later I went to the Doctor to learn that my blockage was reduced to a 10% blockage and my Cholesterol level was 300 and I felt better than when age 40.  The fact is that the clearing of the plaque was certain in only six month.   The evidence against cholesterol drugs has mounted within the medical industry and is now becoming accepted as you will discover in the full version of this material.

Calcium Not Cholesterol
The condition that is killing millions of Americans is not Cholesterol.  Cholesterol is expensive to control requiring expensive surgery and medication.  Hardening of the arteries is the result of calcium build up in the walls of the arteries resulting in a blockage.  Cholesterol simply flows through the heart unless there is a blockage to stop it.  If a large enough calcium blockage exists the cholesterol is then a problem.  Why not remove the calcium blockage since calcium can be removed cheaply without prescription, diet, exercise or surgery?  Why do so many heart victims not know about this? The simple answer is that there is no money to speak of for the medical/drug industry for this easy removal process. 

Sad Story 

While in a local grocery store my next door neighbor stopped to chat.  After looking at him it was clear  for the first time he had the facial sign of heart disease and he was made aware of this.  He immediately and without hesitation instructed me that he, on this very day, had been given a check up from his Dr. and had a clean bill of hearth.  Ok, I advised, you are not unlike one who had the best health care in the world, Bill Clinton.  All those years Clinton was fine, fine, then suddenly quadruple bypass surgery.  My family Dr. advised me he had exactly the same experience when I told him of my neighbors experience. The blockage had been building up for years and he never was told.  Four months later my neighbor had quadruple bypass surgery.  Next time we chatted my neighbor was very upset with the medical community and wished he had followed the advise he received in the grocery store. He might have avoided the surgery given the four months lapse in time. 

Full Story
If you want all the details and conclusive evidence you will need to make a good sound decision about this experience and you will need to join our effort to dispense this valuable information.  Joining requires a $9.95 donation to assist us in covering the cost of maintaining this web site, spreading the word, and answering the questions we receive. This is about the price of a chain pizza. A small price compared to the uncertainty you may face.  My Doctor advised me that the first symptom of 80% of those with a 90% blockage is death.   

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The Proof & Product
By reading this report you will discover information on the proof, the cause of heart disease, the product and where to purchase it at the most reliable place we have discovered. The medical profession has no interest in you having the information contained in this story as is evidenced by the government hearing you will read which clearly demonstrates the medical community's self- interest.  Read The Problem