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My Personal Story
In 1996, at age 50 and after 20 years of daily running, I had a sever chest pain while doing my normal morning run.  For all these years I had been running daily and was a vegetarian of eight years for the very purpose of preventing this problem.

The Diagnosis
Heart Disease is the number one killer in the United States and now I had the symptoms.  Immediately I went to the cardiologist for a treadmill and x-ray to learn that I could not leave the hospital because of  a 95% blockage in the drop dead or widow maker vessel in the heart and was told I just could not burn up all the cholesterol I could eat.

Next morning the Doctor did an angioplasty and inserted a stent. After doing much research on the heart trouble in this country and my own heart,  I embarked on a treatment known by few and since  the $7.50/Month cost was more than reasonable given the $30,000 angioplasty, I had nothing to loose. My cholesterol was at 240 and I had never been diagnosed with heart trouble and never had cholesterol lowering drugs prescribed. The doctor told me I would be back for more surgery since I had two more blockages in my heart that would need attention in about two years.

Six Months Later
Six months later I had no tightness in the chest, and two other signs that the blockage was gone. These signs were at the base of the middle finger I had for three years a large calcium deposit so sensitive to touch that I could not place that hand on top of the steering wheel of the car to drive. It disappeared in the six month period and has not returned. Secondly, I had been awaking two times per night to urinate. Pressure around the prostate gland caused by a build up of the same calcium causes this pressure which causes the bladder not to void completely thus, we must go often. By the end of six months I no longer was awakened at night and still sleep all night now. Some have surgery to scrape the calcium from this area to eliminate this problem or take and expensive prescription drug. Visit the testimonials of others who have written to describe similar results as mine. The major blockage problem is arteriosclerosis, or calcium buildup,  which closes the vessel and results in a really big problem with cholesterol.  In the restricted condition of the vessel closed off by the calcium buildup cholesterol can easily form a blockage preventing the blood from flowing.  This then starves the heart of oxygen and the result is a heart attack.  Cholesterol reducing drug commercials say if you have heart disease and high cholesterol you need our drug.  The heart disease is the problem. Calcium buildup closes the vessel off and renders the heart susceptible to damage by cholesterol blocking the flow of blood since the channel is in such a restricted condition. For the 19 years my cholesterol reading has been between 240 and 300 and I take no prescription drugs for cholesterol and eat eggs every morning. My heart now has a 10% blockage rather than a 95% blockage because I cleaned out the real problem, calcium, for only $7.50 per month for six months.  There are four groups of people in North America who spend their entire lives with cholesterol count in excess of 275 and they do not die of heart failure.

Six Years Later
Six years later I went to the Doctor to learn that my blockage was reduced to a 10% blockage and my Cholesterol level was 300 and I felt better than when age 40. I have never taken Cholesterol medication even though three doctors have insisted I take the medication.  Why not, they are paid to prescribe it. 

Calcium Not Cholesterol
The condition that is killing millions of Americans is not Cholesterol.  Cholesterol is expensive to control requiring expensive surgery and medication.  Hardening of the arteries is the result of calcium build up in the walls of the arteries resulting in a blockage.  Cholesterol simply flows through the heart unless there is a blockage to stop it.  If a large enough calcium blockage exists the cholesterol is then a problem.  Why not remove the calcium blockage since calcium can be removed cheaply without prescription or surgery?  The simple answer is that there is no money to speak of for the medical/drug industry for this easy removal process. 

Full Story
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