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The following are testimonials of a few of those who have been using the same remedy as the author of this page used.  As you will see, the results are notable.  


These are actual reports of some of those who have been using the product for only a short time with favorable results similar to the early results of the author.

Thank you so much for all your help. I have been taking the product for about 4 1/2 months faithfully. I have noticed a remarkable improvement in my over all health. I feel less stressful, get up less frequently at night to use the bathroom and I sleep better then ever before. I was most concerned about my cholesterol levels which have shown a dramatic decrease. Unfortunately I have not been able to get a heart x-ray due to not having health insurance. As soon as I obtain insurance I will let you know the results of my tests. Thanks again for the information..... Michael Wilson



After about three months I lost approximately 10 lbs and eliminated the four trips per night to the bathroom.  The loss of weight had to be a direct result of the increased activity brought on by the diminishing fatigue I have experience over the last several years.  After about two months I notice my energy levels increased significantly, more blood to the heart I believe, and I was able to work steadier and longer.  Before I just was unable to work as many hours due to fatigue.  I own a heating and air conditioning installation operation. Also I believe my collapsed creased ear lobe is beginning to expand again. Finally, I no longer have the difficulty previously experience when climbing steps or walking up a hill.  I was very short winded when walking up an incline in the past but, am no longer experiencing this.  It looks promising.  I still take the product and will never stop.  Thank you for dispensing this information... David Haines



This is being sent to let you know the results of the Amino Acid I have been taking for the last four months.  I had the x-ray and had approximately a 300-calcium count.  Since I have been taking the Amino Acid I noticed I began to be able to make a fist with my hand.  For the past several years I have been unable to close my hand due to the calcium deposits.  Today I can completely close my hand am looking forward to having the heart x-ray again in another year to see the reduction of heart calcium. Prior to taking the product I was getting up between two and four times each night but now only rise once in the early morning around 5:00 AM. so it appears the calcium deposit in the prostate is also diminishing...  John Sampson


Just wanted to write to let you know the changes you described after taking the amino acid have occurred to me as well.  Before taking the amino acid I experienced a rush and dizziness after coming off equipment I use if I rose too fast to exit from the cab.  At the same time I felt a throbbing in the neck vessels which worried me.  Also I was rising two times at night to visit the bath room.  Finally, I had calcium deposits in my hand as you experienced.  After taking the amino acid for six months it was amazing what took place.  No longer was it necessary to get up at night, the dizziness went away when departing equipment and the deposits of calcium in the hand disappeared.  Thank you for your time and effort to share your story with all who will heed you good advice.  J. H.  East Tennessee


"Recently my doctor concluded that I needed a knee replacement however, he was unwilling to attempt the procedure because of a 50% blockage in one of my heart vessels. Shortly thereafter I happened to meet the author who outlined the heart problem and cure. I took his advice as described on the internet for a total of four months instead of the recommended six and followed up with a catheterization  and was advised by the doctor that I had no blockage in any of the four vessels feeding the heart muscle. The medical research articles on the web page discovered by  the author clearly demonstrates an easy method to eliminate congestive heart disease. I am unaware if it works for everyone but, it worked for me just as the Drís research suggested." KM

Our Purpose
Relax, this is no hype, and no product sales. No attempt will be made to sell you a product.  The purpose of this website is to give you information. You will discover facts which can save your life and enable you to determine with a simple glance if you have a heart problem. If you have already been diagnosed with or without heart problems the simple test is useful. Many who have had treadmill and EKG are told they have no problem yet they do have a problem.

Avoid Heart Surgery
If you are like 98% of those who have heart trouble and do not know the information to research you will most likely never discover the truth and needlessly suffer angioplasty, stent implant or even worse, bypass surgery.  Had I known these facts six months before the angioplasty and stent implant I could have avoided the entire ordeal for $7.00 per month.  By reading this entire report  in about 15 minutes you will eliminate 10-15 hours of research on the internet if you know what you are looking for and how to do good internet research.

What Is In It For Us
Our goal is to make this easy for you to grasp and to save you a lot of research work while directing you to the proofs you need to make decisions about the author's experience. Since we sell no products we must collect something to cover our web and advertising expenses..  We will ask you to support this effort with a $9.95 donation to go toward the costs of preserving this site, about the price of a small pizza.  This can be done through credit card or PayPal. If you follow the test, proof and cure you could save thousands in medical bills and maybe even your life.  For 80% of those with unchecked heart blockage the first symptom is death.  We hear about young men dropping out everyday, not overweight, not smoker's, just healthy looking people. If you do not want to believe this that is ok but, I will ask you to read My Story.  You will then have enough information to know the problems we face to get a clear picture of the number one killer in this nation. It costs nothing to read My Story. To get all the medical studies and evidence plus save a lot of work Join now.

The Proof & Product
By reading this report you will discover information on the proof, the product and where to purchase it at the cheapest and most reliable place we have discovered. The medical profession has no interest in you having the information contained in this story as is evidenced by the government hearing you will read which clearly demonstrates the medical community's self- interest.

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