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One Time Flat Fee of $300.00  Remain In the System Until Sold, 20 Pictures, Private Web Address, Virtual Tour, Call Screening by Us.

Listing Agreement

Please fill out the following information and a representative will contact you within 48 hours to review your home listing and payment plan. If you have any questions at all, please contact us at 1-423-299-5554 between 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Eastern Standard time.

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Want a professionally pre-written room by room home description. Feel free to copy and paste any Tennessee home write-up into this section and edit it to match your home by changing the square footage, etc. Browse Tennessee Homes and select a write-up that comes closest to matching your home. Or, if you wish we will do your write-up.  Once we receive the pictures we will call for descriptions we need to complete a write-up. The write-up will be emailed to you for proof and any changes requited.

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Listing Agreement With For Sale by Owner Ad

I wish to have FSBOAd™ display my home on their website understanding there is only one charge of $300.00 and my home remains in the system until sold and no other costs now or after the sale of my home will occur. I also understand that FSBOAd™ may have to crop or alter photographs that I submit to fit on my page. I understand that I the home owner, not FSBOAd™, am responsible for the cost of any and all Newspaper advertisements. I understand that FSBOAd™ will take and screen my phone calls for ability to pay, how soon the caller will be moving and virtual tour visit of my home.  You must notify us by email at every 60 days in order to remain in the system for another 60 day period. Your home will be considered sold and deleted from the system if we do not hear from you.

I have read the legal disclaimer and agree to its terms.

I am the legal owner of the property and have the authority to place my property on the market. I understand there are no refunds on pre-paid listings.


We look forward to listing your home!

If you have photographs ready to send to us, use this e-mail option and attach your photos to the message. Be sure to put your name in the subject area of the message.

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